Lawrence Morton

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Art Direction and Graphic Design

Specialist in books, printed matter and image creation.
As Art Director I develop projects from the ground up with elegance, wit, imagination and clarity. Giving equal emphasis to both concept and careful execution. Well connected and versatile I am very experienced at building a creative team around a project.
As Graphic Designer I find a tone of voice appropriate to each project. Honed during the many years I spent Art Directing magazines


A book to honour an extraordinary man

Raymond Blanc Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons

Published by Bloomsbury 2016
Photographs by Chris Terry
Illustrations by MH Jeeves
Cover: Dust jacket with french folds, Lavender foil title
Special edition cover: cloth bound with silver embossed lettering, page edges sprayed in silver, cloth bound clam shell case

» Selection of photographer and illustrator
» Design approach
» Art direction of photography and illustration
» Typesetting
» Picture editing and hosting layout meetings
» Cover concept and design
» Pre press

Bloomsbury came to me with this special project with a sense of excited awe, a big book to celebrate the majesty of Raymond Blanc’s Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons.

The idea was to publish in two formats, an extra large limited edition and a large ‘kitchen’ edition. The book was to be divided into 4 seasons, from the outset I felt it was important that photography, styling and graphics reflected these seasonal changes. We planned to cover every aspect of a visit to Le Manoir, restaurant, gardens, guest rooms, a look behind the scenes, and an extensive account from Raymond of his journey over the last 25 years.

In collaboration with Bloomsbury and Raymond I created a design approach and assembled a team of photographer, prop stylist and illustrator.

We chose to avoid an overtly ‘French’ feel to the design. Jeremy Tankard’s Kingfisher font, which he describes as elegant, sophisticated and stately, seemed a perfect match to Le Manoir. Inspired by the border to the entrance of Le Manoir there is a Lavender colour theme which runs through the book on covers, text colour and endpapers. The limited edition book even has lavender scented end papers.

I worked closely with Raymond and his team of extraordinery chefs, striving to show every plate of food at its absolute best.

Throughout the project I acted as a bridge between Bloomsbury and the photographer and illustrator, briefing and maintaining the schedule as we progressed.

More than 400 pages, nearly 5 years in the making, many, many amazing meals

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Much More Veg

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall Much more Veg

Published by Bloomsbury 2017
Photographs by Simon Wheeler
Illustrations by Mariko Jesse

» Selection of Illustrator
» Design approach
» Art direction of illustration
» Typesetting
» Picture editing and hosting layout meetings
» Cover concept and design
» Pre press

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The Fern Verrow story

Jane Scotter and Harry Astley Fern Verrow

Published by Quadrille 2012
Photographs by Tessa Traeger

» Design approach
» Typesetting
» Picture editing and hosting layout meetings
» Cover concept and design
» Pre press

A book celebrating an extraordinary biodynamic smallholding in Herefordshire.
Featuring stunning photographs by legendary Tessa Traeger.

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A coal miner turned make up artist

Gary Cockerill Simply Glamorous

Published by Jacqui Small 2015
Photographs by Vikki grant
Cover: Dust jacket with pms title and spot UV

» Selection of Photographer
» Design approach
» Model casting and co-ordination
» Detailed flat planning
» Art direction of photography
» Typesetting
» Picture editing and hosting layout meetings
» Cover concept and design
» Pre press

This is the third make up book Jacqui Small has commissioned from me, the previous 2 were by Jemma Kidd, whose very natural style is a world away from the full on painted glamour displayed in this book. Garry took the unique career path of coal miner to make up artist.

In conjunction with the editor I drew a thumbnail plan for the entire book. Organised casting sessions, endless spread sheets, call sheets etc. As well as finished looks on models there were many step by steps photographed on ‘real’ women which required careful monitoring during the shoots.

I picked the high contrast display type for its bold playful personality, contrasted by the more utilitarian Simplon font for the text

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Spring has sprung

Skye Gyngell Spring, the cookbook

Published by Quadrille 2015
Photographs by Andy Sewell
Cover: PLC, 2 colour + metallic pms

» Selection of Photographer
» Design approach
» Art direction of photography
» Typesetting
» Picture editing
» Cover concept and design
» Pre press

I worked with Skye on 3 books during her time as Chef at Petersham Nurseries. This book was to be different in many ways. Her new venture was a restaurant called Spring. The idea was to document the birth of the restaurant.
Andy Sewell had photographed several cook books before coming to this project, however I chose him based on his personal work, his beautiful observational images are an important element of the book.
Andy and I visited the site as work was underway, and travelled around London photographing the makers involved in the creation of this amazing space.
We worked with Skye in her kitchen at home, photographing the recipes as she developed them with her team. I had the glorious job of weaving this diverse material into a very special book.
Though the publisher had given me a free hand in the design we all felt that if there were some opportunities to extend the restaurant brand into the book it would be a good thing. Skye fell in love with the Mrs Eaves font used on her menus, it’s a gorgeous font, I had no hesitation in using it in the book. When Skye showed me the watermark design that StudioFrith had created for the menus I knew we had our cover. It expresses all the joy of Spring and completes the circle between the restaurant brand and the book.

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A long term project becomes a photo book

Ben Murphy The Riverbed

Published by Phenomenology 2017
Cover: Metallic copper on wood free paper.

» Design approach
» Picture selection and sequencing
» Typesetting
» Cover concept and design
» Pre press

Limited edition photo book by photographer Ben Murphy. An exploration of counter-culture and make-shift dwellings in a valley in southern Spain which Ben has been documenting over the last 10 years.

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A gift of a book for a glamorous London brasserie

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A.A. Gill Brasserie Zédel

Published by Quadrille 2015
Photographs by David Loftus
Cover: 3 colour pms plus foil blocking and emboss.

» Design approach
» Art direction of photography
» Typesetting
» Picture editing
» Cover concept and design
» Pre press

A souvenir book for the Corbin & King brasserie tucked behind Piccadilly Circus. Written by A.A. Gill and overseen by Jeremy King. It’s a mix of archive images to illustrate Adrian’s essay on the culture of the brasserie and Davids photographs of the food and ambience of Zedél.
The book design is very brand aware and echoes the art deco / baroque feel of the restaurant interior and branding, which extended to the use of the logo as part of the cover design.

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Hugh’s big book of ingredients

River Cottage A to Z

Published by Bloomsbury 2016
Photographs by Simon Wheeler
Illustrations by Michael Frith
Cover: Linen textured wibalin with embossed text

» Selection of Illustrator
» Design approach
» Art direction of illustration
» Typesetting
» Picture editing and hosting layout meetings
» Cover concept and design
» Pre press

A 704 page encyclopaedia of Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and his River Cottage team’s favourite ingredients. A huge undertaking with a breathtaking schedule for all involved. Requiring a considered design appropriate to a reference book.
This is my 9th book with Hugh. Simon has photographed Hugh’s book from the very beginning. His style is very loose and there are usually many options for each picture. Hugh and I then sit together and make a selection.
I’ve been on the look out for a chance to work with Michael Frith for a long time and this was just the job for him. His graphic style is alive and fresh and jumps off the page.

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A brief biography

Studied Graphic and Information Design at Stafford College of Art.
Several jobs as Typographer in London Design studios.
Assistant Art Director at Tatler magazine, eventually appointed Art Director in 1986.
Moved to Art Direct Harpers & Queen magazine (they now call it Bazaar).
Recalled to Tatler to Art Direct relaunch.
At the same time and beyond worked for Hong Kong retailer Joyce Ma, Art Directing her quarterly fashion magazine called Joyce.
Moved on to specialise in illustrated books with a brief fling as Art Director at ES magazine along the way. Several books winning awards in the Guild of Food Writers and André Simon awards.

‘Get in over your head as often and as joyfully as possible.’

My Big Break came in the early 80’s when Tina Brown hired me to work in the art department at Tatler magazine, I rose up to head the department and continued to Art Direct magazines for the next 15 years. During this time I had the good fortune to work with some incredibly talented Editors, Writers, Photographers and Illustrators.

I was then asked to work with the chef John Torode on his first cookery book (before telly fame came along), according to John I ‘dived in at the deep end with a glorious mix of originality, naivety and disregard for rules’ and so began a run of nearly 20 years working with London publishers. During this time I’ve always had my own small studio, usually just me and a very patient assistant.

I am in my element collaborating with chefs, authors of all descriptions, writers, home economists, fashion designers, photographers, prop stylists, illustrators, graphic designers, picture researchers, make up artists, fashion editors, editors, sub editors, retouchers, pre press and, of course, printers

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